Dear Back Pain, why are you Here?

Author: Hannah McMaster Hannah McMaster’s current research project alongside Aurora Battis concerns the phenomenon of why some individuals develop low back pain (LBP) when standing for extended periods of time, and why some individuals do not. Throughout the day the body is undergoing changes caused by natural shifts in mechanical demands over a day-night cycleContinue reading “Dear Back Pain, why are you Here?”

Brock Biomechanics 2nd Place in 2022 XSens Biomechanics Challenge!

How can we use wearable sensors to objectively assess symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease? This was the question Brock University Graduate Students aimed to address during in the 2022 XSens Biomechanics Challenge. This year’s team of Tiffany Hsu, Aurora Battis, Vanessa Yuan, and Jarrett Norrie built on the success of last years team to develop novelContinue reading “Brock Biomechanics 2nd Place in 2022 XSens Biomechanics Challenge!”

Brock Spine Lab Attending NACOB 2022!!

This year the Brock Spine Biomechanics and Neuromuscular Control Lab will be attending the North American Congress on Biomechanics, in Ottawa Ontario! Collectively we will be showcasing the following accepted abstracts: Wator, J*., Battis, A., Vellucci, C., Beaudette, S.M. The acute effects of kinesio-taping on trunk muscle activation in rowing athletes (POSTER). Alano C.*, Vellucci,Continue reading “Brock Spine Lab Attending NACOB 2022!!”

New Survey Assessing the Link Between COVID-19 Shutdowns and MSK Health

It has been an unprecedented year for all of us, requiring many changes and adaptations in our day-to-day life. Out of necessity, there has been a large amount of research focused on the direct effects of COVID-19 on health and wellbeing. One area which we believe has been under researched is regarding the secondary effectsContinue reading “New Survey Assessing the Link Between COVID-19 Shutdowns and MSK Health”