The Lab

The Space

Our lab is located in Welch Hall (WH 23) at Brock University, and houses a full 3D motion capture studio. Within this studio we have the capacity to gather data from time-synchronized surface Electromyography and Forceplate equipment to facilitate a holistic examination of spine movement. To acquire and analyze our data, researchers have access to GPU-enabled desktops and sophisticated biomechanical data analysis software.

In addition to our dedicated laboratory, we have access to 3D printers, forms, CNC, and other machines through the Brock MakerSpace (right)!


The Spine Biomechanics & Neuromuscular Control Lab has access to state-of-the-art systems and technologies that can be used for data acquisition and analysis. These currently include the following:

8 – Camera Vicon Retroreflective 3D Motion Capture System

1 – Vicon Vue High-Speed Video Camera

1 – 64 Channel Vicon Lock+ Lab Digital/Analog Converter

2 – BTS Engineering INFINI-T 6-Dof Force Platforms

16 – Noraxon Wireless Ultium Electromyography Sensors

17 – XSens Awinda Sensors for Full Body 3D Inertial Motion Capture

10 – StretchSense Capacitive Skin Stretch Sensors

4 – mbientlab Metamotion R Inertial Measurement Units

2 – Nordic Semiconductor Thingy IMUs and IoT Development Kits