Brock Biomechanics 2nd Place in 2022 XSens Biomechanics Challenge!

How can we use wearable sensors to objectively assess symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?

This was the question Brock University Graduate Students aimed to address during in the 2022 XSens Biomechanics Challenge. This year’s team of Tiffany Hsu, Aurora Battis, Vanessa Yuan, and Jarrett Norrie built on the success of last years team to develop novel approaches to quantify dynamic balance, tremor, and movement variability (see links below) and presented their findings in front of an international audience on May 19th, 2022.

Automated kNN Tremor Classifier

Dynamic Margin of Stability Model

Primary Modes of Motor Variation in Parkinsonian Gait

Their prizes for finishing second in this competition include a 17 sensor, whole body Awinda Starter motion capture system and a six-month XSens Analyze software license.

Great Work Team!!

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