Brock Spine Lab Attending NACOB 2022!!

This year the Brock Spine Biomechanics and Neuromuscular Control Lab will be attending the North American Congress on Biomechanics, in Ottawa Ontario!

Collectively we will be showcasing the following accepted abstracts:

  1. Wator, J*., Battis, A., Vellucci, C., Beaudette, S.M. The acute effects of kinesio-taping on trunk muscle activation in rowing athletes (POSTER).
  2. Alano C.*, Vellucci, C., Battis, A., Beaudette, S.M.  The effect of neuromuscular fatigue on the spatiotemporal coordination of rowing (POSTER).
  3. Vellucci C.*, Beaudette, S.M. A data-driven approach to identifying key coordinative differences between novice and advanced sprinters (POSTER).
  4. Battis A.*, Beaudette, S.M. Assessment of the acute effects of wearable sensor-derived auditory feedback on gross lumbar proprioception (POSTER).
  5. Goncharow, P.N., Beaudette, S.M.* Assessing time-varying lumbar flexion-extension kinematics using automated pose estimation (ORAL).
  6. Cousins, D.J.E.*, Schaefer, B., Holmes, W.R., Beaudette, S.M. The effects of COVID-19 related shutdowns on perceived lifestyle and prevalence of musculoskeletal discomfort (POSTER).

We look forward to seeing you all in Ottawa this August!

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